October Schedule

The October schedule will focus on conditioning and skill building however we will begin transitioning to speed drills. All practice sessions will take place at the East River Park Track at E 6th Street and the FDR Drive New York, NY. Some runners will prepare for the Youth Jamboree on October TBD. The Youth Jamboree will take place at the New Balance Track & Field Center at the Armory  and will feature a variety of track and field events for Grades Pre-K thru 5 beginning at 8:00 am and Grades 6 and older starting at 12:00 noon.

The October schedule is as follows:

Sunday, October 19:30-11:30East River Track
Wednesday October 45:30 – 6:30PS 110
Sunday, October 8No PracticeNo Practice
Wednesday October 115:30 – 6:30PS 110
Sunday, October 159:30-11:30East River Track
Wednesday October 185:30 – 6:30PS 110
Sunday, October 229:30-11:30East River Track
Wednesday October 255:30 – 6:60No Practice
Sunday, October 299:30-11:30East River Track