November 2013 Schedule

The November schedule will continue to focus on conditioning and skill building. Sunday practice sessions will take place at the East River Track at East 6th Street and FDR Drive. Most runners will prepare for the NYRR Youth Cross Country Invitational. General training will continue to help develop overall physical capacity and fitness. This will continue to include basic running, strength building, and exercises used to develop muscular power and to improve overall speed.

Once again we will be participating in the Colgate Women’s Games. The games are for girls only! Please note that the venue has changed this year because of ongoing construction work at Pratt Institute, the location of the preliminary meets and semi-finals since the inception of the games.

This year’s series includes two (2) preliminary meets and a semi final meet before the finals, and all will be at The New Balance Track and Field Center at The Armory in New York City.

Please note that the meets are scheduled earlier this year, and will take place in November and December. Additionally, the second weekend meet falls on the Thanksgiving weekend.

Coaches John Wiltshire and Lydia Vanderloo will be participating in the New York City Marathon.

The November schedule is as follows:

2nd Practice (9:30 am East River Track)
3rd No Practice (NYC Marathon Day)
6th Practice (5:30 pm PS 110)
10th Practice (9:30 am East River Track)
13th Practice (5:30 pm PS 110)
17th NYRR Youth Cross Country Invitational
20th Practice (5:30 pm PS 110)
23rd Colgate Women’s Games (Middle School)
24th Colgate Women’s Games (Elementary A&B)
29th Colgate Women’s Games (Middle School)
30th Colgate Women’s Games (Elementary A&B)

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