Post Grete Gallop 10-14-12

Thank you to those who participated in Grete’s Great Gallop on Sunday. Our young athletes had a great time and met their challenges. As some of you may already know, the NYRR has not posted and will not post results for this event. It was designated as a “fun run”. This came as a surprise to many of the athletes and to even members within the NYRR. We have been in communication with the Young Runners team at NYRR and unfortunately the situation remains that no results will be available.

We hold NYRR in high regard and have come to expect “execution” as one of the organization’s defining strengths. It is for this reason that we were so surprised and frustrated by the decision and communication from them. Nonetheless, we understand that in life there are unexpected events that are sometimes out of our control. Yes the events matter, but how we respond and learn from them is much more important.

The Five Points Runners team learned some valuable lessons on Sunday:
* Preparation for the event. This included conditioning, time trials and ensuring the safety of our athletes.
* Meeting personal challenge(s).
* The value of community (athletes, parents, coaches and NYRR).
* Performing on a large stage. This is after all New York City and our Central Park.
* Above all having FUN.

The solidarity of our team was clearly visible, as was pointed out by NYRR, and is what defines us. We will ensure that moving forward we capture our own times as a backup.

Thanks for your patience.