Pre-XC Youth Invitational Update

This is an update prior to XC Youth Invitational – 1.5 Miles on Sunday, November 18th.

Sadly Lydia and I will not be present since we will be running the Philadelphia Marathon. Nevertheless Bennah Serfaty and Paul Power will be lead coaches for the day. We have also identified additional roles; Hannah Wiltshire and Chris Vanderloo will serve as time keepers, while Hannah will also manage the T-shirt sales. Blank will serve as our official photographer.

All our runners who participated in the time trials and other races should understand their pace and potential for Sunday. We should all HAVE FUN!!!

Meeting Location: Five Points Runners will meet at the “Hare and Tortoise” statues in Van Cortland Park between 7:45 am and 8:00 am. Parents who are driving should allow extra time since parking in the area can be challenging. Once there we will:

* pick up our credentials and safety pins
* pin bibs on shirts and attach D-Tags to shoes (instructions)
* stretch and warm up
* review race, hydration, safety procedures and reunite location
* proceed to start when called

Race Course: Please note that girls and boys run separately. The start and end of the 1.5 will be in the park. It is one lower loop of the park. Runners are visible except when they run into a wooded section of the park. NYRR marshals will be stationed along the all sections of the course. A map is attached.

Time Keepers: We will have our own timers to record the finishing times of our runners. Hannah Wiltshire and Chris Vanderloo will serve as time-keepers. Please ensure that our runners run in our team shirts so that they are easily identified.

Race Buddies: Runners should run at their own pace, however we have placed runners into groups of two to three, this way they can look out for and encourage each other.

T-Shirts: Our Five Points Runners T-Shirts are ready and will be available on. Shirts are blue with our gold/yellow logo and are a tech material (not cotton). They are $15 for children and $20 for adults.

Race Day Contacts:
Bennah Serfaty: 917-975-3799
Paul Power: 646-238-8184
Hannah Wiltshire: 917-747-3751
Chris Vanderloo: 917-287-2807

Please ensure that our runners get a good night’s rest and hydrate well the day before. Have fun on Sunday.